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CO PROTECH (SUZHOU) CO., LTD., is a professional company specialized in diagnostics and medical devices. With our own Factory, we provide worldwide customers the service of made-to-order manufacturing at competitive prices and good quality.

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Meet customer's needs and achieve win-win situation has always been the goal of our efforts.

Our product approved CE and ISO 13485. Our Quality meet European Standards.

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We promise: 7*24 services, reliable comprehensive medical equipment supply, sufficient funds supporting, dependable quality, extensive medicine resource & professional medical team.


On the way to finding the Manner of Happiness, CO PROTECH will be together with you.

Happiness starts from Health. We will enable the healthcare industry to provide the products that could do the accurate screening and early detection for the patients, helping them to overcome the disease and keep healthy.


Satisfaction of customers.

Satisfied customer is our life. We are improving healthcare by stable quality, advanced technologies, easy-to-use function, timely service and heart to heart communication.