Examination couch

Examination couch

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An examination coach, often referred to as an examination table or examination couch, is a piece of medical equipment used in clinics, hospitals, and doctors’ offices. It provides a platform for patients to sit or lie down on during a medical examination or minor procedures.

Here are some key features and points regarding examination coaches:

1. Adjustable Positions: Many modern examination coaches can adjust from a seating to a lying-down position. This adjustability helps cater to various examination requirements.

2. Upholstery: They are typically upholstered with a smooth, easily cleanable material, often vinyl or a similar substance. This makes it easy to maintain hygiene.

3. Storage: Some examination tables come with drawers or shelves underneath, allowing doctors or nurses to store essential tools, supplies, or equipment.

4. Stirrups: In gynecological settings, the examination table might have attached stirrups to facilitate pelvic exams.

5. Foldable or Portable Models: Some examination coaches are designed to be portable or foldable, making them ideal for mobile clinics or when space is a constraint.

6. Adjustable Height: Many modern designs allow for height adjustment, either manually or electronically, ensuring comfort for both the patient and the healthcare provider.

7. Safety Features: Some tables come with safety straps or rails to provide added security, especially for patients who might be at risk of falling.

8. Weight Capacity: Examination tables are built to accommodate various weights, but it’s essential to be aware of the weight limit to ensure patient safety.

9. Specialized Designs: Some examination coaches are tailored for specific medical fields. For instance, chiropractic tables are designed for chiropractic treatments, and radiology tables are built to accommodate imaging equipment.

1pcs/ctn, 192*66*14cm, G. W. 16kg.