Foldable patient stretcher

Foldable patient stretcher

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A foldable patient stretcher, sometimes called a portable or collapsible stretcher, is a medical device used to transport individuals requiring medical care or to evacuate individuals from certain situations. Its foldable design makes it especially useful in emergencies or in situations where space is a constraint.

Key Features and Benefits:

1. Portability: Being foldable means the stretcher can be easily carried to remote locations, making it especially useful for first responders, ambulances, or in areas with challenging terrains.

2. Space-Saving: When not in use, it can be folded and stored, occupying minimal space, which is valuable in settings like ambulances or emergency response vehicles.

3. Lightweight: Often made of durable yet lightweight materials to ensure they can be carried quickly while still holding the weight of a patient.

4. Sturdy Design: Despite being foldable, these stretchers are designed to support the weight of patients securely.

5. Easy to Clean: The materials used are typically easy to clean and disinfect, an essential factor given the varied environments they might be used in.

6. Safety Straps: Equipped with straps to secure the patient during transport and minimize movement.

7. Handles: Typically equipped with strong handles on both sides, allowing for two or more people to carry the stretcher with a patient.

1pc/ctn, 200X53X18cm, 8.000kg